We provide parents with the tools to reclaim and increase their confidence in parenting that was snatched away due to the unbearable work schedule, stress, or trauma in their life.

Once you schedule a discovery session below, we will figure out exactly where you struggle with parenting and get you started.  

We will work with you to give you the essential tools and support needed for parenting.  Positive Parenting is a NECESSITY!


parent coach/Educator

How to create a positive learning environment that helps children learn to solve problems

How to use consistent, assertive discipline to help children learn responsibility for their behavior and become aware of the needs of others

How and what self-care strategies parents can implement so they can be patient, consistent and available for their children


THE FOUNDATION to become a positive parent COURSE

NEXT COURSE STARTS: September 5, 2023

-Assessment sheet (prior to session 1)

-7 Online weekly sessions

-Digital Positive Parenting Worksheets

-FB Private group 

-50 Parenting Affirmations e-book 

– “Parents Get Involved” T-shirt 

-Sign Autograph Copy of my workbook “Positive Parenting” 


Self-Esteem Teens Group

NEXT COURSE STARTS: September 9, 2023

-Assessment sheet (prior to session 1)

-8 Online weekly sessions

– Digital Self-Esteem Worksheets

-50 Self-Esteem Affirmation e-book

-Self Esteem T-shirt

-Sign Autograph Copy of my workbook “Self-Esteem for Teens”



124 HIGH ST. E. UNIT 436, GLASSBORO, NJ 08028

PHONE: 856-449-6872


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